About Us

A little about us…

In April of 2008, Sniffers Doggie Daycare, LLC purchased an existing pet care business and transformed it into SNIFFERS Doggie Retreat.

SNIFFERS Doggie Daycare, LLC was founded in partnership by Hillary Stains and Laura Mathieson. The principles of SNIFFERS Doggie Retreat and its employees are to provide quality pet care, filled with opportunities for socialization in a controlled, safe and fun environment. Most importantly, we strive for days filled with fun that allow the pet parent to be away from their cherished pet without guilt. Each parent will see the benefits to their pet starting from the first day that they pick them up after daycare in the form of a calm, relaxed, and well socialized dog.

The staff at SNIFFERS are not only dog lovers, but receive dog husbandry and behavior training.  Hillary and Laura keep a very personal touch to the business by maintaining and hiring competent, intelligent and service oriented staff.

Meet the Owners

Hillary Stains and Laura Mathieson have had a successful history in all previous endeavors in the animal industry, working with, and training animals throughout their lives. Hillary Stains has a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech in psychology with an emphasis on Animal Behavior. Laura Mathieson has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan in Biology. Both owners have experience in horse husbandry, training and competitive horseback riding.

The SNIFFERS owners both worked as animal keepers at the Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park for over five years, where they specialized in animal husbandry, management, training, and enrichment. They were responsible for education programs for the public and volunteers in both formal and informal settings. Working at the Zoo, they produced and implemented protocols necessary to run a successful facility, manage a collection of exotic and endangered animals, and maintain standards and regulations of governing organizations such as AZA and USDA. Both owners also have many years of experience with paid in-home pet care.

Furthermore, both are long time, loving pet owners. This education, professional and personal experience with animals has given them the tools they need to successfully manage animals in a daycare and lodging setting.

Hillary and Laura regularly attend industry specific conferences and work with other industry professionals to stay abreast on new information and technology offered in the pet care industry. They also maintain a good working relationship with local professionals to offer their clients comprehensive referral care. SNIFFERS works with multiple rescue groups to offer temporary foster homes for dogs that are waiting to find their forever home.



SNIFFERS Doggie Retreat on Westmore is a 7100 sq ft facility with an adjoining outdoor yard catering to all of your dogs needs.

We have a 2000 sq ft doggie daycare playroom with rubber flooring where dogs can play safely in a non slip social environment. The dogs in our daycare room always have access to water, play equipment, and beds if they choose to rest. Our playroom has air purifiers to offer a constant source of fresh air.

We have a 500 sq ft outdoor yard featuring K9Grass, an artificial turf that is specifically designed for dogs, where dogs can safely go outside to use the bathroom, get some fresh air and play. Our yard adjoins our building so dogs can be safely walked outside and constantly have a secondary containment.

We offer multiple overnight options for our guests. We are staffed by Pet Care Certified staff.


SNIFFERS Doggie Retreat on Taft is a 5400 sq ft facility, featuring indoor K9Grass, catering to all of your dogs needs. Our Taft location is located in the lower level of the Hope Advanced Veterinary Center building.

We have a 2000 sq ft doggie daycare playroom with state of the art indoor K9Grass and flushing system, where dogs can play safely in a non slip social environment. The dogs in our daycare room always have access to water, play equipment, and beds if they choose to rest. Our facility has an HVAC system that supplys a constant source of clean air.

Our Taft location offers Self-Bathing stations. We provide all the necessary tools for bathing and clipping nails. We also have a seperate drying area. Of course, we will bathe your dog for you as well!

We offer multiple overnight options for our guests. We are staffed by Pet Care Certified staff. Our overnight areas have a state of the art Aqua-Air Total Cleaning System to keep the facility clean, fresh and germ free.




What times can I pick-up or drop-off my dog?
You can pick-up or drop-off your dog anytime during our normal business hours. We are open from 7am-7pm, Monday thru Friday and 9am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday. You can pick up and drop off your dog for lodging anytime during our business hours. For the safety of our staff and the dogs in our care, we strictly adhere to this policy.

What do I need to bring when I drop my dog off for lodging?
Each owner brings different things for their dog to make them comfortable during their stay. The most important thing to bring is your dog's food. We feed your dog according to its normal diet to avoid GI upset. Please bring each meal pre bagged per meal. If your dog is staying one of our individual suites, you can bring any bedding, toys, or treats. There is also no need to pack your dog's bowls or leash for its stay at SNIFFERS. We use our own bowls and wash them after every feeding.

Can I come by and see your facility?
Yes you can! We encourage you to visit our facility before dropping your dog off for his/her stay so we can answer all of your questions. You can come by anytime during our normal business hours, 7am-7pm Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday & Sunday. You do not need an appointment to come by for a tour. However, please do not bring your dog along with you unless you have an appointment. We like to make sure that all dogs that enter SNIFFERS doors are up to date on their vaccinations and that you, the owner, have had a chance to read our policies and fill out the required forms.

What do I need to do to sign my dog up for daycare?
The first thing we will ask you to do read over our policies and fill out our required forms. Next, you will need to call us at the desired location to schedule a time for a temperament screening. Remember, we will need to have proof of your dog's vaccination records before the screening. Once your dog has passed his or her screening, you are able to schedule your dog's day of fun at SNIFFERS anytime.

Are the dogs inside or outside? What happens when it rains or snows?
Sniffers has a large, indoor playroom—complete with a fresh air purifier and controlled heating and air conditioning to cater to all seasons. We take our dogs out to our outdoor yard to ensure our dogs get plenty of fresh air and exercise. Dogs are walked in all kinds of weather unless requested otherwise by its owner. The only exception to this is lightening.

Alice absolutely loves coming there...we can't even say the word daycare without her getting so excited.
M. Landolt